Discography :

1: Rainy Days - 1996
Released on independent label Kode Blue Records
Title song written by the late great Randy Albert
( Who was keyboard player for Street Corner Symphony )
Title song was included in the 1997 Spotlight Musical Showcase Compilation CD

2. Mississippi Moses - 1998
Recorded at Music Masters / St . Louis
This CD received strong reviews , particularly in the Kansas City Blues Newsletter and received airplay all over the world .

3. Hang Dog Look - 2000
Recorded at Music Masters

4. I Hate My Boss - 2001
Recorded at Music Masters
This CD also received strong reviews and a Jose Diaz original, “ Problems No More “ was included in “ Jack’s Blues “ – a tribute to the long time Cardinals announcer, Jack Buck

5. RX BLUES / Live in Soulard - 2003
Recorded live at Mike and Min’s by engineer Jack Petracek.

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